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Here are some commonly asked questions. Click the link to view the answer. If you still have problems, try the support section or call IBID technical support.

Some books seem to have negative on-hand quantities. They seem to all have been ordered on one PO at one time. How can this happen?

Vendor does not confirm all the copies of a book I need for a signing, how do I rollover the balance without receiving the order?

How can I receive one copy of a title that has been short-shipped, and then cancel the remaining order?

I ran a Stock Replenishment Report yesterday and began to work on my Review File, but was not able to go through the whole list before the end of the day. I saved the review file, but when I tried to call it up the next day, it wasn't there. How did I lose the list?

When I run a Department Report from the Department Entry/Maintenance screen, the report comes up with information for the months of January through June. How can I get a report on July through December?

I like to run a bestseller report every Monday on the previous week's sales. On the report screen, I fill in the category I'm interested in, and under the # Sold Calculation heading, I fill in Week 2 to Week 2. Then, in the Last Date Sold fields, I fill in the dates for the beginning and ending of last week. However, when I look at the report, one or two of my biggest sellers are missing. What is wrong?

Can I blank out a data field in IBID? Over time, my Miscellaneous 1 field has accumulated all kinds of codes and notes that are no longer useful or meaningful to us, and I’d like to start from scratch.


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